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Thanks RyanLee036, BFASTR and BlackMk2!

I've had the car since 2010 and it's been very reliable as long as I stick to the scheduled maintenance. I only have 75km on it. The only problems I've had were:

- the battery died after I left the car parked for about 6 weeks when I went on vacation. Replacement was long overdue and I just bought a new battery.

- the AC became warm in 2015, five years after I bought the car. Had the refrigerant recharged and inspected and was found not having any leak. Now it's warm again which is why I wanted to see what other Focus owners say about it in this forum.

- a stupid mouse chewed on the thermostat cable and it looked like the car was overheating and it went on limp mode. I fixed the cable myself and it's ok now. Then I just spray some pine sol around the engine area once a week to keep the mice away. It's been working.

I'll post some photos soon.
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