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I'm a very infrequent visitor to these pages but I came up with a way to make it just a tad easier to get the short throw, or stock shifter, reinstalled into the console. In particular getting the spring out of the way in order to allow things to fit together.

So you have everything all apart but the spring is causing grief. Mine even went ballistic one time! The need is to get that spring opened up and kept open while fitting everything back together. Here's what I did:

I took a short piece of brass tubing, maybe 1/8" in diameter and cut it to about 3.5 inches long. I then flattened a section down maybe .5 inch from one end. The attached photos should give a better idea of what I have.

Slide the longer unflattened piece of the tube over the upper leg of the spring. You might have to lift the leg a little to get it started. Now you can use the tube as a lever to get the spring opened up.

If like me you are doing all of this with the console still installed, the flattened portion of the tube can be used to keep the spring open by wedging it against one of the protrusions on the chrome trim ring. My car is a 2016 so I'm guessing other model years will be somewhat similar.

I know this isn't an in depth 'how-to' but more of a 'try this'. I hope it helps someone even a little bit.


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