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Help !!!

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Hi, I have a problem with my audiophile, yesterday I try to load a cd, i thought "well if it dont play the only thing that i need to do is press the eject button", well, the audiophile didnt eject the [email protected]# cd .... the cd is in the 2 bay, i try to load a new cd and the cd in the first bay but seems like the system cant load the others cds and is stuck in the 2 bay.... i try to load or eject again the 2 bay cd but the screen show a "Cd error" ......What should I do !!!
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cd player might be about to finally quit on you? that's sometimes the thing with those 'everything built in cd changer' types. My suggestion would be to invest in a cd deck with seperate disc changer (magazine style, removeable). you will be able to get your CD out ... but that might involve opening the changer once the new one is in. I know I clean my dvd changers myself (open the unit, use a camera lens brush and maybe some compressed air) just be careful if you're not electronics minded. You can always sell it to someone on ebay who knows how to clean them ... hope this helps, good luck - Ryan
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