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Hi, I'm relatively new to not only this site but also to modding my focus. I bought it last january and I'm finally getting around to looking at some mods for it.

It's a 2003 svt with 42,700 miles. I'm wondering what you guys have done/what has seemed to work the best for a daily driver, that is fairly inexpensive. I've been looking around for an underdrive pulley, decent cold air intake, and tune. But haven't had much luck at local shops, (SVTF parts don't seem to be too popular) so i guess i could just use a bit of advice and or someone selling a used part haha. Thanks.

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my favorite mods when my car was naturally aspirated were (in order)

The AEM Cold Air Kit
The Random Technology Hi-Flo Cat
The Ford Racing short throw shifter
The VF rear mount
the SCT Xcal2

Check the 'For Sale' section frequently, you will find almost all of these item pop up for sale on a semi-regular basis.

Also hit the sponsor's links on the home page and you will be able to find these and other great parts in most of them

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My favorite set up is what i have right now..evidently, b/c i am broke. but the tune was the best investment i made. get it from wayne at free tune updates for like 6 months. its close to 400 bucks. then, grab a Short Throw shifter, and a VF Engineering rear motor mount.

believe me, that will be worth it. its almost 600 bucks off the bat. drop a K&N filter in while ur at it. worth every penny.

heres you some links

I have
AEM CAI $240
Focus Central Short Shifter $90
Mild Steel Off Road Pipe $100
HKS Catback $480
Eibach Sportline Springs $250
VF Engineering Rear Motor Mount $100
MSD Blaster Coil w/ Wires $120
XCal2 HypIll tuned $380

thats sittin close to 1800 bucks. i still have some appearance items, but you can spens alot really fast. the next things on my list is

AEM Exhaust Cam Gear $180
Focus Sport Crank pulley $110
C-F-M 65mm throttlebody $240

after that, its gonna be sittin close to 2300 bucks. regret none of it.
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