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Help with borla tip alignment

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I installed it last night and the tip touches the rear bumper so for now I pulled it a little ways out of the hanger so it'll line up. Is that ok for the long run and what can I do to fix it permanantly?
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mice touch's the bumber and i have had my borla for about 8 month's and nothing has gone wrong
Yeah I don't know what is up with the catbacks, the majority of them 'lean' to the one side, never line up straight. I had the tip 'heatbent' or whatever at a custom exhaust shop here in town to straighten it out though the back. If I remember, the tip leaned towards the passengers side. I've seen this on the MAGNAFLOW, MBRP and the BORLA in the past.....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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