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Help w/ aftermarket headlights

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I purchased a pair o'those angel eyes headlights (they do look sweet). They're in perfect working condition, I just have a minor issue with the cosmetics: I noticed (I guess it would be) a top clear protective layer slowly peeling off the both outer cases resulting in a duller case and now susceptible to scratches. [:(] How can I fix this problem?
I thought maybe I could purchase a clear protective film but I still have half the headlight(s) peeling. I know this sounds wierd as hell. I'll provide pics in a bit to show you guys what I mean.
In the meanwhile, if anyone knows wth I'm talking about, please chime in.

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the stuff that is peeling off your lights is the UV coating. cheaper aftermarket housings are plagued with this. there is no stopping it either. the best thing to do is get a headlight restoration kit from your parts store.

if you dont want to buy the kit, you should wet sand and polish and then apply lamin-x
i just refinished a pair of machs this week

sanded with 400, 600, 1000, 1500 and 2000 grit wet-sandpaper. i made sure i kept the surfaces plenty wet. i prolly sanded each housing for about 20 minutes with each paper. this comes to about 3-4 hours of sanding.
i then appied a rubbing compound i found next to the headlight restoration kit.
then applied Meguiars #2 Mirror glaze. finally i used Meguiars Step 2 paint polish. the lenses look good as new.
with each liquid polish, i used an orbital buffer. results will come hours quicker instead of doing it by hand. hand polishing is worthless IMO.
i will applying LaminX as soon as it gets here. LaminX will prevent the lenses from fogging over due to the UV coating being removed. it will also protect the lenses from road debris

good luck[thumb]
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