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I installed an SVT header on my Zetec ZX5 on Saturday (9/10) and immediately, even at an idle, the Transmission Coolant Warning Light came on and stayed on the whole way home from my shop. I assumed it was tripped due to the fact I removed 3 sensors (from replacing my headers and removing the CAT) and the computer was 'confused' or something. I disconnected the battery and left it overnight, took it for a test drive yesterday (about 30min of pretty much non-stop driving) and the light didn't come on. Today, however, after 10 minutes of driving, the light has com back on.
I haven't touched the transmission at all or any of its components when I installed the SVT header and the light has never shown up before. The coolant and lubrication fluid is clean and the transmission behaves perfectly, no slips, jolts, or anything to suggest anything is wrong.

Has anyone else had a similar problem when they put an SVT header in or had the light come on for, what appears to be, no reason?

Thank you,
Theta Sigma
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