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Help Trans Problem!

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can someone please help me,

I recently installed my clutch this weekend and when I shift into
3rd gear it grinds but goes into gear.

can it be my syncros going out?

I need help to figure this out!

it sucks having to skip 3rd gear!!
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Anyone??? =(
no sir I did not.
I can get it into 3rd but it grinds while I do that,

and whynot the clutch is grabbing good.

I heard it might be the shift linkages so am gona mess with that 2night
Grabbing and not engaging are two different things. The clutch grabs when the pressure plate is let off and the strong springs in the pressure plate apply pressure to the friction plate. The slave cylinder pushes on the forks of the pressure plate releasing pressure from the friction plate.

Engaged clutch, engaged slave clyinder= disengaged transmission

If you have some air in the slave cylinder- which you would only have if you replaced it, or released fluid for some reason- would be like spongy brakes. The action would not be the same at the slave cylinder, it would be slow to push in the pressure plate.

Bleeding doesn't cost money, but if you don't have any reason to bleed, then you must have a bad synchronizer.
The clutch pedal is solid and I bled the clutch, but wouldnt it be hard for all the gears 2 go in?
ok thanks I will check that 2. but hopefully its not a synchro
I already have 220 miles on it so I dont know we will see.

i have a few ideas.
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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