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Hi, just bought a new radio to replace the 6000 RDS CD player in my focus (2002). I've been pulling my hair for the past few days, searching and trying to find what steering wheel controls adapter I need. If anyone could point me in the right direction or tell me exactly what I need that would be great!

At the moment, I've found 3 adapters but really unsure which one is correct or if they are all correct, I don't know ahh.

Adapter no.1 -

I think that is the correct one but like I said, IDFK.

Adapter no.2 -

Adapter no.3 -

Also if anyone could tell me what the IGNITION and LIVE wires are/look like I would appreciate it. Thank you so much, sorry for the long post and so many links. If you want any more details, just ask. Thanks, again.


Just seen this aswell, it seems legit. -
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