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Think I finally found most of what I need i.e. German build 05/12 WA compliance 07/12 fitted with Bi Xenon head light projectors and h7 main beam H1 cornering LED tail and front side lights as well as DRL.
Can-bus system but only headlamps and Leds monitored.
Will try fitting standard LED's and a LED flasher relay and post results. For next guy to get sevely confused.



I have Bi xenon headlamps and interior seems to be LED as does licence plate light but my manual shows H7 and H1 head lights? Also Bulb Spec chart shows tail stop but mine has fog light with brake light at top.

I also would like to fit LED to exterior lights so does anyone know which bulbs are monitored and will indicators work with led relay or must I use can-bus error free or resistors.

Yes! I am very confused not able to find this set up in European manual, USA manual or Australian. Seems that tail lights are LED strips same as front and four bulbs are P21W Brake, PY21W indicator, W16W reversing and P21/5W Fog???

Thank you
Any and all help greatly appreciated
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