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Hello all, I'm new to this and hoping there are still people here to help as it's 2018 not 2008 lol.
I have tried rounded nut removers, spanners, sockets, nothing will get this damn nut off! I want to cut it, but I am only fitting a cat-back system. So how can I cut the stud in such a way that I won't damage the cat-side of the exhaust (as I'm not changing that bit)
Is it possible to cut the head off the bolt (the muffler side) then maybe centerpunch the whole stud and stubborn nut out and off?
Thanks guys.

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Welcome to FF......Seems like your best off hitting up your local muffler shop.....

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Are you talking about the stud that's in the flag of the cat or at the head?

I have used 1/2" stainless steel hardware in all those locations because they are always the first to rust, seize, and then round and brake from torque getting them off. I have used copper anti-seize with stainless bolts, washers, and nuts as a replacement for the studs on the exhaust.
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