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HELP!! NO Trun Signals, no fuel gauge

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My SPI had a tackless cluster. So I picked one up online and installed today. Biggest problem I had no turn signals. So I reinstalled my original and it did nothing, no needle movement for anything and no lights what so ever. Ok Reinstalled new one with tack, tack works and temp gauge works but airbag light is on and low fuel light on with no fuel gauge, and the turn signals still don't work. HELP!! what do I do.
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Ok for everyone's information. Yesterday I played with this some more after doing some research online. [idea] Apparently Ford is know for crappy connectors. So after about a hour of screwing around with the plug and spraying contact cleaner in the plug and the back of the cluster I got it to work. It all works great now. [nutkick] But who would have thought all that stuff went through the cluster. I had problems with the doom light being on at the wrong time, the turn signals didn't work, and the auto wipe for the windshield sprayer didn't work. So i guess if you have any of those problem you might need to clean your gauge cluster connection.
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