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I'm hopeing some one can help me with my 03 1.8 tdci. the other day i was driving down the road & the car cut out while doing approx 40mph & i noticed that the glow plug light was flashing, I pulled over & restred the car & she fired back up again. I carried on with my joutney for anothe mile or so with no problems. On my return It happened again, i again pulled over & tried to restart but she was not having it. she turned over ok but just didn't want to fire, I tried this for 10 mins or so. I ended up calling out greenflag recovery to come and get me. when he arrived i went to start the car & she fired up ( strange ) he had a look over it & plugged a tester under the steering wheel but didn't say if there were any codes. the car was sitting there ticking over for approx 10/15 mins ok & then just cut out with the glow plug light flashing. He towed me home & left, i tried to start the car but nope turned over but not firing up. what i have noticed is that if the car is cold she starts no problem but when getting warm to hot she cuts out....

A friend cam over last night with a obd2 tester and we got error codes

I've been advised that it's the cranck shaft sensor or cam sensor or throttle sensor or injectors....... I don't know much about cars & have been ripped off in the past with a certain French company so i don't really trust them. Another friend who ownes his own garage said straight away the crank sensor.

anyone else know of this problem & what it could be.

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