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Help me read this plug

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So this is one of the plugs that was in my motor for the last few months. Its an Autolite 104 gapped to .060. I drive a 2.3 and was swapping them out for the 103's as they are a colder plug which supposedly the 2.3 needs over the 2.0.

So anyway it looks a bit hot to me don't you think? I don't get any engine noises or anything from idle to WOT and no lost power so I am not trying to correct any problems. Just curious as to how each would perform from a hotter to a colder plug in the 2.3 to see if we ST and 03-04 PZEV owners should be using a colder plug especially when modification is involved.

Mods to the motor are as follows.

-Steeda SRI
-F2 Header (wrapped)
-Trubendz 2.5" Exhaust (no cat)
-Tuned by Focussport for 91 Octane

So what do you all think. Here are three pics.

Also going to go to the dyno probably this weekend to determine what the A/F is and see if it needs any correcting so we'll see. Also to see what numbers I am putting down. lol
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Jet you should be pushing out more than that. Im gonna guess 168hp for ya.
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