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Help me read this plug

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So this is one of the plugs that was in my motor for the last few months. Its an Autolite 104 gapped to .060. I drive a 2.3 and was swapping them out for the 103's as they are a colder plug which supposedly the 2.3 needs over the 2.0.

So anyway it looks a bit hot to me don't you think? I don't get any engine noises or anything from idle to WOT and no lost power so I am not trying to correct any problems. Just curious as to how each would perform from a hotter to a colder plug in the 2.3 to see if we ST and 03-04 PZEV owners should be using a colder plug especially when modification is involved.

Mods to the motor are as follows.

-Steeda SRI
-F2 Header (wrapped)
-Trubendz 2.5" Exhaust (no cat)
-Tuned by Focussport for 91 Octane

So what do you all think. Here are three pics.

Also going to go to the dyno probably this weekend to determine what the A/F is and see if it needs any correcting so we'll see. Also to see what numbers I am putting down. lol
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lookin forward to seein ur numbers justin!
could be the different factory tunes you know? justin, what do you have, ihet, right? no cams yet? yeah, you should be around 156 and 152.
oh, and i meant those number as hp and tq, respectively.
yeah, thats really interesting tom, thanks!
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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