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This weekend I want to install a Kenwood DNX-6980 Navi head unit in my 2011 Focus. I have a Metra XSVI-5520-NAV interface and I am not sure what wires I need.

White Plug:
The speaker wires are labelled and I understand them.

Blue wire, power antenna not needed.

2 black ground wires one labelled chassis ground and one just labelled ground. Are they needed everything should be grounded through the plugs I would think. If I need them does the chassis ground go to the car chassis or the head unit chassis. what is the other one just labelled ground?

Yellow Battery Constant 12v+, I would guess this wire is providing power all the time for accessories.

Light blue (or blue grey) with white stripe not labelled, Is this the amp turn on wire?

Interface Unit:

Red wire labelled ignition switched, I would guess this is the power wire for the head unit or is it a switched accessory power lead.

Lt. Green for the parking brake.

Green with violet stripe Is this for a back up camera or for the reverse switch on transmission?

I would also need to know the color wires the these connect to.

Metra doesn't give very detailed instructions and descriptions.

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