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Help! Holding cam gears still

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How do you hold the cam gears still while you tighten the bolt to the camshaft? Every time I tighten them no matter how I hold them they throw my timing off. Does anybody have a trick. I am following the AEM instructions but they don’t say how to hold them still.

I am using focus central gears.
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Are you using the cam gear installation tool??

That helps a little. I know you're not supposed to rely on that, plus it bends. But it helps.

What i did was use a vise grip on the cam. Then tightened the bolt on the gear.
Mine didn't have anything. That's why i used a vise.
No problemo Mister! [:)]
Nah, it would seem pointless to Ford Mo. Co.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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