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Hey guys!
I have an '03 SVT with the JRSC set up.
I need some help.
I bought my car with the supercharger on it so I'm not 100% sure what the yahoo before me did.

Here are my problems:

1. I burned through 2 Alternators over the past month. (if you have a supercharger you know what a pain it is to replace one)

A. I have done the Big 3, minus the alternator power cable. I have the cable to do it but it ties into the starter and I'm not ballsy enough to get into messing with it. But there aren't any shorts in the existing cable. The area not covered in loom is in good shape.

2. I have a miss at 3000 rpm's. (has gradually gotten worse)

A. I have replaced:
a. Plugs
b. Wires
c. Coil Pack
d. Fuel Filter
And I have dielectric greased the necessary components.
B. I have run Octane Booster's, Fuel System Cleaner Etc...

3. I have NO EGR Valve. I have no DPFE.

4. My CEL keeps giving me 02 sensor codes.
Guess: I have an aftermartket downpipe, which I'm guessing got rid of my catalytic converter.


Thanks in advance for your help. Anyone who has a JRSC please post your pictures so I can compare layout etc.


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I'm no s/c guru, so I'm afraid I won't be of much help there, but as far as the alternator goes, take a real good look at the 3-pin plug on the side of it. If you're burning thru alternators, the plug may have a loose pin or loose wire. If the pins wiggle in the housing, or the wire appears to be pulling out (the color of the wire casing looks less faded next to the plug after wiping the dirt off/ exposed copper wire) I would suggest trying a new plug. The plug sells for around $40 at the dealer.

If the above mentioned plug looks good, check the connection at the alternator output wire (the one you mentioned already). If the connection is loose or dirty, clean it and tighten it down well. Also check your battery cable ends for corrosion and tightness. If the problem persists, replace the alternator output wire.
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