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Hi all!
New on this forum, joined so I can learn about my GF's 03 ZX3 with the 2.0 DOHC Zetec engine.

I usually hang out on the Pontiac Grand Prix forums ( as my DD is a heavily mod'd 03 GTP.

I do all of my own work on the cars and am not afraid of getting down and dirty.

My GF's ZX3, had a rough life before she bought it, exhaust was hacked off and the interior is a mess.
Exhaust was replaced along with the headlights (previous owner sprayed them silver to match the paint! WTH!) Drivers side winow crank is FUBAR so I ordered a window regulator from RockAuto to fix it.

The previous owner for some bizzare reason cut the plug off one of the fans (left side fan facing car) and wired it to a relay so it is always on when car is running. I am guessing that the resistor burnt out and they did not know how to fix it so they just hot wired it. (anyone have a connector with about 6" of wire?)
I did a major tune up on it (WTF is up with the PCV location! that was PIA!)

The car has a miss but runs OK, I am guessing that it is the EGR issue I read about on here, going to plug the EGR hose to see if that fixes the issue as the CEL is not lit.

Another issue the car has is a rattling noise that appears to be the A/C compressor even though A/C works fine, is there anything else that may cause the noise, belt tensioner etc? It is really load at idle and does not change when A/C is on or off.

This car has been a PIA over the last 2 weeks, first car would not start, no visible corrosion on battery terminals, took battery out and had it tested, tested fine, cleaned terminals and reinstalled the battery and it started fine.

Last night, the plastic heater outlet pipe, the plastic piece that runs over the radiator split, so I JB welded it so she could get home, I'm picking a new one up today.

Sorry for the long post.

If anybody has any input on any of the above issues, I would appreciate it!
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