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Hella Projectors...How to adjust????

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Hi, I never really noticed or bothered but my friend was in my car and was saying my headlights need to be adjusted. He said they should even out into a straight line infront of your car, instead of looking like a mountain range. I have hella projectors, does anyone know how to adjust them?
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Thanks Dave, I guess I'll try it later today...wait, that would be stupid, I kinda have to try it at night DUURRR haha. And when you say the light cover, you don't mean the glass lenses right? Your talking about the painted housing?
^yea, thats what he is talking about. Drk, just try to get your lights to make that shape on both sides _/ _/ \_ \_
Oh, so they are not suppose to be flat like my friend described, they suppose to look like that? Ok then maybe I don't have to fix them an at all. Any reason why they are designed to be like that?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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