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Well I have been going through strut bearings on the passenger side of the car every few years. When I first started working on the suspension the strut bearing on the passenger side was completely gone and the spring would pop. I got a new mount and bearing but reused the spring seat and everything was fine for about a year.

Then I got the SVT suspension and put that on. When I took it apart the bearing on the bottom had been bent over by the spring seat and the spring was starting to move to one side. Well its been about 2 years now and the mount is rubbing on the spring seat. You can hear it rub and it squeaks really loudly when turning. So I am sure the bearing is gone again and the mount is sitting on the spring seat. The drivers side of the car has never had problems.

Now what I am hoping to get is a metal bearing to solve the problem. So far I have not found one to purchase. If anyone knows of a place to get one please let me know.

When I do take it apart I am going to get a new spring seat and probably flip the spring over. Hopefully this will take car of the problem. Thanks again FF.
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