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The sticky gives the part number for the 2007 headlamps (9007LL ), but not the wattage. Anybody know?
Also, I was reading many old posts as regards the "Silverstars" and there reported short lifetime, and found out that there are 2 different headlamp bulbs that carry the "Silverstar" name (Both owned by OSRAM). Not to beat a dead horse deader. But if your curious here is a very good article.

Also the wattage for the turn signals if its easy to get.


Ooops! just found this finally

Type Replaces Watts Lumens Hours Life
9007LL HB5 65/55 1350/1000 1500 300%
D 9007
D DOT certified E ECE approved
* See 9003/HB2/H4 comparison datasheet for details
V Vibration resistant filament
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