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so for work, i have to go to the hyundai school in NJ, and was wondering, what there is to do in NJ seeing as i dont have to drive my SVTF down???? I'm getting a loaner that gets great gas milage, its a full expense "vacation", including hotel and whatnot, dealer is paying for food, so any "after school" activities that take place come from my pocket. so pretty much anything not related to eating, sleeping,DRIVING, and schooling is all me. seeing as my classes are done at around 4:00, ill have the rest of the day, and night, to go and do whatever the hell i want. so if anyone could help me out here with ideas and places to go, id greatly appreciate it. [:D]

will also post what area of NJ i will be in tomorrow after work.[dunno] because im not sure.

i have 1 more week until i leave, im leaving next week sunday at around noonish and will be staying in NJ untill tuesday afternoon around 4. so that gives me all of sunday night, and all of monday night/evening to do whatever.[wiggle]

help a fellow FOFO owner out, all of you NJ residents dont want me to come back to the BUFF and tell everyone that the BUFF is better than NJ, do ya?????[histerical][:)~]
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