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head or no head

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ok i've got my piston 10.2:1 and i think im gonna get ford racing head so again what size gasket should i get should i just get the svt gasket or go thicker please i need help
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The 10.2 Pistons math was done with using the ZX3 HG if you go with the SVT you will lower the compression

I would do the math make sure the piston isnt in the hole to far CC the head add in the CC of the HG and make sure you have 10.2 then cut the head to get you to about 10.6 to 10.8

Just because you have 10.2 Compression pistons does not mean you will have 10.2 Compression if the piston is further in the hole than how the math was done you could have less than 10 compression


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Hey Tom
I know it's a old post but hopefully I'll get a reply. I have a 2000 zx3 with a pw charger, short story I had kids and got married so the car was put on hold ( on blocks for 6yrs) I'm trying to use the parts I have 2.4" pulley , ford racing head , and rods. Just wanted to know if I could use stock pistons or do I got up grade and to what compression ? I know it's old and I'm having hard time finding parts for it. I can get 8.7 or 10.6 CR. I was looking for 9.1 as I believe that is stock CR but no one has stock.
Thanks for the help.
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