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Soooo... I put my first sound system in and everything went well and it sounds awesome the only problem I'm having is my head light control panel and high beams dont work anymore. I know for a fact that I tapped a wrong wire for the remote wire. I've fixed the remote wire since but my lighting control panel still doesnt work along with the trunk button and high beams. I replaced the fuses for the control panel and a couple others and it still doesnt work.

At this point I can only think of 3 possible scenarios.
1: I fried the lighting control panel
2: I tripped a security feature locking the lights on and unchangeable (my car was a fleet car before I bought it) witch is standard with fleet cars
3: I pulled to much current and did something with the body control module.

I'm pretty sure the wire I tapped was the HS CAN+

2016 Ford focus se hatchback
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