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Having lower parts painted (side skirts, etc)

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I was wondering if anyone here has experience having this done? My SE has the black plastic textured skirts and front/rear pieces but I would much rather have them painted to match the car. I took the car to 2 body shops for a quote and both said that painting the textured plastic would not work and eventually peel off since it wouldn't adhere properly. I suppose I'm stuck buying aftermarket parts and having those painted but it would be more than I'd like to spend.

Any ideas? Something tougher/stronger than paint? I think Plastidip peels off easy right?
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I plasti dipped mine. While it does look awesome matched it started to peal on the side skirts after a couple months. It takes forever too! If you're gonna do it I would just buy a kit and do it right the first time. Not something you want to gamble with and have to do twice (like me lol).
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