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Hi all, created an account here because I am a total rookie when it comes to cars, especially new cars, as I just got a new(used) one from having a '98 Mercury Mystique. Hopefully I can learn a few things.

I now have a 2009 Ford Focus Coupe SES I got two days ago.

It seems to have a "deluxe security package" according to the extra Ford security system manual I got, so I am guessing that is why I have two lock/unlock remotes. One of them is bigger and is working properly. When the alarm has gone off, only the larger one works to stop it, the smaller one won't work. In addition, my main problem is that I cannot seem to stop the alarm with the key. According to the manual I should be able to stop it manually by putting the key in the 3 ignition position and pressing an alarm reset button. I have attached pictures of what I believe is the alarm reset "switch" which I have tried without success. It is located to the left on the drivers side a bit below where my knee would be and that is where I have read it is supposed to be located. If that is not the right button/switch, what should I be looking for? I couldn't really find a picture of it online.

I can even start the engine flawlessly every time and drive, but the alarm does not shut off. It may pause for a small period of time, but hitting the brake or changing gears will trigger it again. Messing around with the locks and ignition and alarm switch, I have stopped the alarm twice. But I have not been able to replicate the results.

This all started when I went to my dads to show off the car, and we noticed some corrosion on the positive battery terminal. Went and cleaned it off and put it back on and the moment my dad opened the door the alarm went off and we couldn't get the alarm off except for removing the negative battery terminal. I only had the small square remote with me at the time, which would not work, ignition didn't work, nor did playing with the door locks. So we removed the horn fuse for starters, because it is LOUD, I thought the locals would call the police for sure lol.

Anyways, I am quite rattled and don't want to lose the remote or break it and not be able to shut off my alarm. I also would like my horn

Additionally, I have seen the stickied thread about the anti theft system, but my issue seems to be different than that, seeing as there is no problem starting the vehicle or with anything else, but could it be an issue with the grounding of the battery as that video suggests?

I also would like to know if there is a fuse for the alarm (I didn't see one in the manual) I could remove or other process I could do to disable the alarm for now.

Any insight would be great, I totally love this car, but this alarm system...[mad]

Thanks for your time guys.


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