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Hey all, I have an 01 zx3 with the 16 inch 6 spoke wheels. Since I got the car, I've had bad luck with rims and potholes. I've had to replace a rim at least 5 times in the past 6 years or so. Every time I got a bent rim, I just called junkyards around my area, and easily found one for 50 bucks or so.

Now, I've had a semi-bent rim for over a year now. It still holds air, just vibrates a bit at highway speeds. I've literally called every junkyard within 50 miles of here (at least 60 places), and nobody has had any for over a year. A few of them say they can order me a used one for 200 bucks, but i really feel thats too expensive for a stock used rim.

I really wish I would have gone with an aftermarket rim setup when I first got the car, but I never had the money too. And now, the car has 170k miles on it, and I really dont want to invest any more into it, I'm pretty much just driving it until it dies haha.

So anyone have any suggestions on finding a stock rim? I have searched ebay, and found a few, but they are always far away, and its really not worth it to ship a rim.
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