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I installed an Alpine CDA-9857 into my car about 5 months ago (which has been a phenomenal head unit), and I'm about to make the plunge into the rest of the system over the next few weeks.

I was curious as to anyone's experience with the MTX Thunderform made for the Focus? It seems like they are good deal on ebay for $199 loaded, but do they sound good?

I have also spent alot of time on the Zed Audio website because FocusInCali has spoken so highly of them. I am planning on purchasing the Draconia 70W 4 ch amp for $370, but I could get a Gladius 75Wx2 + a Minilith 200Wx1 for just a hundred bucks more. Is it worth the extra $100 to get separate amps? Also, is the Burr-Brown option worth the extra money?

I am also planning on ordering JBL Power P550C component 5 1/4 speakers and put them into a 6x8 bracket in the front doors. Has anyone heard these speakers or have strong opinions about JBL? These speakers have been discounted pretty heavily and their stats look exceptional.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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The Zed 4ch is better for a simpler install and gives you around 330w at 4 ohms when 2ch are bridged.

The Minilith can give you more power at 2 or 1 ohm. So it depends on the sub setup.

Don't bother with the BB upgrade. I would only suggest that if you have a complete system that would allow you to hear it. ( ie: better HU and great speakers)

You can also watch for a used Arc Audio 4150XXK.
Or I have 3 older Arc 2050CXL amps I could get rid of. They are 2ch x 70w or 230w bridged, and only 8"x9" each. This is a cheaper option to go with your 9857. Very good SQ and dynamics.

The 9857 doesn't provide the SQ detail as higher-end HUs, such as Alpine 9835 or W200, or units like my Clarion DRZ9255, or a McIntosh MX406, or a Pioneer P9 combo. This is why you don't need the BB upgrade or high-end amps.

Next, your speakers need to be 6.5" (not 5.25"). See my baffle How-To in the FAQ. Some places are building baffle spacers now, like Elemental Designs. It's a matter of the cutout being the right size.

As for speakers, it depends on your budget.

Oz Audio Matrix Elite 180CS go for $299 shipped at
I can vouch for them. I prefer them over CDT, Alpine, Polk, MB Quart, JL Audio.

For the price, you might also check out Mmats Pro 6.5

and Diamond Hex

I haven't heard those two, but hear decent feedback.

If you want to spend more money, (including a better HU), then go with:

Seas Lotus **
Dynaudio 240MKII
Morel Elate
Morel Supremo Piccolo **
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