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Hi All!

I have a 2003 Focus 2.0. For a while it has been stuttering just bit on acceleration, a bit more when a/c is on, but nothing that has been a real annoyance or has given me any big issue.

However, this morning as I was driving in, it suddenly jerked/bucked pretty hard. It really startled me. Just for a second, and just once. I quickly looked at the dash, and didn't see any of the warning lights come on. In fact, the only light that came on was the little red alarm light next to the hazard button, which doesn't make any sense to me.

I moved to the right lane, just in case I needed to pull off quickly, but had no more problems at all driving in to work.

And if any of this matters:
1. I park it outside, and it has been raining hard for the last day or so, and for the last few weeks it has been very damp and misty. but not cold (I live in Georgia)
2. Last Saturday the battery died. I drove the car, came home for about 15-20 minutes, went back out and the battery was dead. Jumped it, it started and stalled. Went and got a new battery and no problems with that since.

Any thoughts/ideas?

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