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Halo Headlights, question on legality

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Hey yall,

In an effort to "pimp my ride" I'm going to add new headlights. Love the euro-look and love the halo ones. I'm looking into these and my grand plan would to get a billet grille blacked out and remove the stock blinker lights. Since these have two bulbs as well as the Led's and the lights, can i use the two bulbs (on the outer part) as my blinkers? Does anybody know the answer and have criticism about my plan? I'm also going to get new mirrors with the leds in them, and splice them into my blinker circuit.

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if the lights are DOT approved, then you can use them.

as for the turn signals...

turn signals in the front of cars must be amber in color, so that is the first challange.... i dont know if they would make amber bulbs or covers for those sockets, but if they do, that may do the trick.

also, i believe you would still be required to have the turnsignals on the front fenders on the side, but with the amber blinkers in the headlight assembly, you shouldnt need the big ugly stockers....

but beware, i do not know you local laws and i am only speaking of what i know.

good luck....

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actually, blinkers in the front don't need to be amber in all states, check your local DMV codes. It's a good idea to get a clear bulb that lights up amber, to go in a clear housing, just to be safe though.
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