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PLEASE HELP ME! If You Can't Then Please Try And Pass The Word Along! Thank You...

Well, I Bought Some Halo Head Lights From Ebay And Received Them And Installed Them.
(Here They Are Installed)

I've Been Hearing Lately About The Halo Head Lights Needing Resistors And Extra Wiring. Is This True? I Have Red And Black Wires Coming Out Of My Head Lights In The Back Which I Assume Is What These Posts Are Talking About.
(This Is The Post I Recently Read. Is It Accurate And I Should Follow The Instructions Discussed In It?)
delfin said:
I've noticed more peple buying a HALO or the same thing ANGEL EYES headlights, so as an owner i decided to put some instructions on how to install these HALO's! PLEASE READ if you are one of them!
1. You will need to buy EPOXY glue at your local home depot store. A halo headlight will have a hole from which four wires are coming out. These wires are used as a hookup for the LEDs inside the headlight, two red and two white wires. That hole in the headlight from which these four wires are coming out, put enough epoxy to FILL IT! Don't put too much thou, so it won't drip inside the headlight. LET IT DRY. This will fix the wires in place. The reason for that is because the wires move, and for me they moved and pulled on the led contacts which caused one of the four rings to black out because of the short it caused! I wasn't able to fix that..
Also, I would put some silicon where the two parts of the headlight join and carefully around the connector as well. Ofcourse the is already white sealent there, but I found some spots whre there are acutally holes. I found out the hard way, that when it rains the moisture gets inside the headlight, and I think it cause two of my silvertars to burn out instantly..not really sure about that thou..but still, make your lights as waterproof as possible..
2. I would recommed replcaing the main projector bulbs with Silvestars H3, available at WalMart.
3. Now comes the fun part. Halos can burn out if you do not install resistors on them. For each red wire OR black wire (but not both!) install a 1/2 WATT 330 Ohm or 300Ohm (whatever you find) resistors. You can get them at RadioShack, make sure the wattage is right! This will limit the excess current to leds! So you will have a TOTAL of 4 resistors installed. Now splice your side signal wires and find a positive and a nigative wires, and connect them respectivly to the white and red wires coming out of the headlight. You will have two red wires connect to a positive wire on the side lamp, and two white wires connect to the negative side of the lamp. ( I think red is + for halo, and white is - (negative) for halo, but check instructions in the box to make sure, anyway, + to positive - to negaitve)
4. Now the last trick! Halos are reversed! Meaning as they come, projectors don't light up, you high beam does. So to fix that: cut the green/orange and green/brown wires on the CAR headlight connectors, and cross them!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey, I Don't Have That. I Have Both Green/Oranges But I Have A Green/White And A Green/Black....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's it guyz! Please remember to put some glue on it (very important!!), resistors and have wires crossed :)
(The Wires I Have)

Also, I Have This Huge Gap In between My Head Lights And My Engine Compartment. I Was Hoping Someone Could Give Me An Idea Of What To Put There To Prevent Rain And Moisture From Getting Into My Lenses And Head Lights. I Was Just Going To Use Some Heavy Duty Rubber. The Above Quote Stated I Should Use Epoxy Glue To Fill In The Little Wholes Here And There, Is That A Good Idea?

My Final Question Is: When I Close My Hood, There Is A Little Gap In between My Hood And The Head Light. Can This Be An Easy Fix, Any Idea's? Or Is My Best Bet Just Playing The The Head Lights A Bit To Get Them Aligned? It's Not Ridiculous Looking But Its Not That Clean Looking Either.

So, I Take It: I Take The Red And Black Wires Coming Out Of My Head Lights And Wire Them To The Positive And Negative Wires In The Turn Signals With The Resistors? Or Is It My Running Lights? Then I Splice And Wire My Green/Orange Wire To My Green/White Wire On One Side And Then I Wire The Other Green/Orange Wire To My Green/Black Wire? Does That Sound Correct?
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