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I'm gonna try this:

Here is the back-story:

I had a set of H&R coilovers...the top of the line ones, comparable to the Bilstein PSS9's because you could adjust Damper on both front and rear as well.

Anyway, The front needed a rebuild. I sent them in to bilstein for service.(no original owner, so no warranty)

They called me when they got them and said they would inspect them, then call with an estimate for repairs and know, normal procedure.

A few months go by and they call me up and say "hey, repairs are done. $700 plus 40 for shipping."

I was like(in my head) "hold on, I never got an estimate for repairs because if I did, I would not agree to a $700 bill." I told them I'd get back to them.

So, I do not have $700 I am willing to spend on these H&R fronts. I still have the rears, as they are in excellent condition still. Imay keep them or sell them as just rears.

My proposal: Does any want brand new H&R, top of the line front coilovers? $700.00 plus 40 for shipping and they are yours, direct from Bilstein. If no one does, Im gonna tell them to pound sand and keep them, as I would never have authorized that work had they done their jobs correctly.

If you want the rears too, I can work out a deal, Probably about $3-400 for the rears. And realistically, I don't want to pay for the fronts, in hopes that I can recoup the cost in selling them as a complete kit for 1000-1100...since they look so long to "repair" them, I no longer have a use for them.

So, if anyone is interested, let me know ASAP, as Im not sure how long they will "sit" on them without getting paid.
Item location: Bilstein, (in CA)

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So these are rebound & compression adjustable? If so this a great deal for someone that understands the adjustments & how they work. Thats a bummer you couldn't get these yourself. I hope someone gets them from this board. GLWS
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