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Here are the Guidelines for requesting images to be photoshopped.

1. If you have an image that you want changed. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Wheel Change (color, rim, size)

    Body color changes (custom paint, vinyls, tint ect)

    body part changes (bumbers, lips, spoiler ect)
Please be sure that you are posting GOOD QUALITY images. This means try not to use pixelated cellphone images. Actually try not to post any cellphone images at all. For alterations that is.
Borrow a friend or family members digital camera.
Post a image that is at least 500px wide or greater.

See below: Note this is to show quality:

The reason:
Well its a digital information thing. See for those of us that are doing these image changes we need all the info we can get. The bigger the better....
This will help keep the final version clean and clear. And give You the requester a much closer look to what you had requested.

This inclues linked images of parts that you would like applied to you focus. Like rims, bumpers ect, the Bigger the better. So refine your google search to Extra Large or Large images.

What i'm talking about is the stressing what you want done. Making sure that you are being clear about the changes you want made will help to speed up the process. And avoid 5-1000 post that usually start out like:

" No what I wanted was...." , " What I ment was...." or " Actually what I was thinking was more like...."

So be clear in what you are looking to have changed. And don't forget that referance links are a wonderfull thing. So feel free to post a link to and image or the image it's self. This is great for paint changes. A picture is worth a thousand words and can save a thousand posts on explaining just how you want it to look.

Keep in mid that the people that are doing this for you have jobs and might not be able to get to your request instantly. Plus these can take some time to complete. And your request might take longer depending on how many versions you requested.

And with that Please keep the request down with in reality. Please dont request 20 versions of your rims just to see what they look like. Unless you are really cant make up your mind between 20 different colors lol,
You get the Idea though. Keep your changes within what you are actually planning on doing.

If you image is for the sole purpose of fun. Like putting a clown head on the hood or bigfoot wheels. Than make sure that you put "For Fun" in the title of your request. This will help us get to the people that want something changed for moding reasons first vs the requests for just seeing something crazy done.
Wich are fun as hell to do too!

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