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I just wanted to know if its at all possible to ask everyone that if you are going to post information on a GTG please add information about it. Don’t just assume that everyone knows what your talking about. This is a good example of information that should be post (the map is nice but not a must). To many time I see post with hey GTG this Friday at JON DOE PARK WHO GOING…. Ok where is JON DOE park what time? What are we gonna do? Who can I call if I get lost? I feel there should be a unofficial standard for GTG post to eliminate all guessing and questions of when, where, and who can I contact. So can you please post more info at the least

LOCATION- full address and directions if u have any
PLANS- what are something’s that we might be able to do
POC(person to contact)who can I call if ive never been to the area?

( o Y o )
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Best Buy in Brandon FL (Store 560)
116 Grand Regency Blvd
Regency Square
Brandon, FL 33510
Phone: 813-643-1700
Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00am-9:00pm
Sun 11:00am-7:00pm

Thats for mapquest or yahoo! maps or w/e you use for directions. We will meet there at 8pm and figure out something to do. I know the Orlando crew always goes to Fridays, how did they set that up?

If you need a contact, please PM me for my phone number.
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