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Well, if you like exciting drives. The descriptions aren't all that good. It's hard to describe. Most people make tracks with nice scenery- I make tracks with tricky turns. Loose suspension, and good transmission tuning is key to getting the best times. Here's some times to shoot for.

Djinn Rally 3:36 normal car 600pp or less 1 lap 38 ft wide

Rudolf Run 4:00 normal car 600pp or less 1 lap 36 ft wide

Susdaryao Dukhed 4:50 race car 700pp+ 2 laps 45ft wide

Ridge Run 3:50 normal car 600pp or less. 1 lap. 36 ft wide

The special thing about all of them except the Dukhed is that nearly all cars are competitive against each other. When I practiced I could run a 4:09 best with the Kubelwagen, with N2O, making people with 600 pp also with N2O cars very mad. The Dukhed was originally designed for LMP racing, max speed is about 200-215 mph. Muscle cars are a lot of fun on the slow speed tracks- 2 words: throttle steer.
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