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Now I have some questions that hopefully can be answered. Time to list them!

1: When I start the car the starter makes a high pitched scream as it starts the car. The car starts fine but I'm assuming the starter needs to be adjusted a little bit?

2: As some of you may know I installed an aftermarket Wilwood master cylinder on the oem clutch pedal. I retuned the car yadda-yadda-yadda but it appears to bog slightly as soon as I let off the clutch pedal and then it runs fine even when I let the rpms fall pretty low. Do you think I may need to adjust the engagement of the clutch?

3: When pulling into our stone parking lot the passenger side sounds like it has a blown strut bearing or something to that affect. But when driving on the road there is no sound other than the rust being worn from the rotors and insanely loud exhaust. Any ideas on that end? I did recently drop the transmission and reinstall it but the passenger side was not disassembled beyond removing the ball joint.
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