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Thought I'd post up a few pictures of my finished HID 6K projector retro. It took a little while to get it done, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the project. I used a local retro fitter to do them. He's connected with the RetroFit Source. I have a one year warranty on any of his work plus the warranty from the retrofit source on their parts.

-Mini H1 6.0 Projectors.
-Mini Gatling Gun Shrouds.
-Morimoto 3Five HID kit with Standalone Canbus harness.
-Morimoto Xb Angel Eyes.
-Flexible LED strip.
-Sylvania Side Mark LED Bulbs.

I have the DRL's wired to come on when it ignition is on. The Angel eyes come on when a door opens or headlight switch is on. The DRL's also blink yellow with a turn signal is activated. Some pictures show the DRL's on by themselves without the angel eyes.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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