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Got a used 2007 focus need some help finding oem stuff

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Got a used 2007 focus need some help finding oem stuff.... Here is a list:

Cigarette lighter stick that goes in hole
Automatic shift knob plastic button you use to push in to change from drive to reverse etc.
Screw and circular plastic screw cover to hold on drivers side handle
Seat warmer on drivers side

Any one know where to get any or all of these? Links would be great!

Thanks for any help.
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Have you tried calling some local junkyards to see if they have any 05-07's you can pull parts from? That would be the best place to start. If that proves unsuccessful there's always eBay or if you are willing to pay the price for brand new parts you can hit up Village Ford here on the forums. Good luck!

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Took me 2 minutes on Google to find a U-Pull-it yard in your area:
Address: 4283 N James H McGee Blvd, Dayton, OH 45417
Phone:(937) 263-7805
You're just going to want to browse the salvage yards for that stuff unless you want to buy it OEM from the dealer. Only other possibility is find someone parting out a car here.

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the 07's didnt come with a cig lighter from Ford (unless there was some sort of smokers option that i was unaware of.) Some higher models came with a plug that filled that hole but no lighter stick that i know of. I personally keep a flush fitting dual USB there.

I agree with felixthecat, just find a new seat heat element. You might be able to get away buying a generic one on ebay and wiring it up.
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