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Good shop in CT, or helpful people

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Ok so as some of you who met me at a few of the meets (Epping, Milford, etc.) may or may not know, I moved last Dec. to CT, so haven't really been up to MA/NH this year, been traveling a lot and not much time when meets do come up. Well recently I'd been looking for a replacement for my 02 SVT. There's nothing wrong with it just wanted something with more luxury and power. I was looking at g35s and BMW 330s all over but couldnt find one that suited me for the right price. Well last week browsing the BST forums here I found a great alternative, a '04 SVT with the PWSC (power) and the Euro package (more luxury, well at least nicer seats and sunroof) so I jumped on it. Now I'm figuring I need to move some of the goodies from my '02 (Borla, EBC brakes, etc) to the new car. Does anyone know of a good shop to do this, or is there anyone with the tools and facilities that'd be willing to help me out? I should have the car back in CT by the 20th, and want to have the '02 pretty much stock by mid Oct. Also, some parts may become available for sale of for trade. I'll keep you guys updated, and thanks for reading this long ass post!
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Try Altered Image Customs in Plainfield. Phone # is 860-564-5667 and ask for Josh.
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