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Golden, Co June 11th FordMoCo Car Show

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Sponsored by the FOMOCO Owner's Club

Sunday, June 11, 2006
10 AM – 3 PM

Arapahoe Park, 44th and Indiana, Golden, CO

Name ________________________________________Phone_____ ________________

Address __________________________________________________ ______________

City ________________________________ State _______ Zip Code ______________

Year and Make of Car __________________________________________________ __

Are you a member of FOMOCO Owner's Club? ____________
Do you want to be entered into the Fairlane Club of America mini-meet? _____
Do you want to be entered into the International Mercury Owner's Regional Show? ________

First 150 Entries receive a FREE T-shirt..Circle T-shirt Size: L or XL

I accept that Fomoco Owner's Club and/or anyone associated with the All Ford Picnic and Car Show event shall not be responsible for damage, injury or theft during this event.

Signature of Entrant _________________________________________ Date ___________

Legal Guardian, if under age __________________________________________________

Mail completed form and $10 entry fee to: FOMOCO Owner's Club
P.O. Box 24476
Denver, CO 80224

For Hotel information, visit

For additional information, contact FOMOCO hotline at (303) 628-5330 or Carlos Vera (303) 659-6359 email: [email protected]

Directions to Arapahoe Park: Take I-70 West toward Golden to McIntyre exit (past Ward Road). Turn Right (North) on McIntyre to 44th. Turn right on 44th…just a couple blocks east to Indiana. Park is at Indiana and 44th.

Registration accepted the day of the event …registration open approximately 8:00 AM.

"Yes, any Ford or Mercury is acceptable at the show. The last few years we have had well over 100 Fords and Mercs at this show."

it'd be cool if we got all the Foci we can, to show up, including all the Boosted ones!!!! Whatdaysay?

i'm planing on showing.

So is another supercharged zx3 and Blazin Copper, too. Maybe OnceAgain, a 13psi turbo'd zx3, as well.

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Come on Denver Foci its only $10.00.
My car is not "show car ready" but I don't care, I going!
I usually try to go to a few of the inexpensive and free car shows because mine is relatively stock.
Who knows I might get a tee shirt or a dash plack or some pens!
It's cool to check out other people’s stuff anyway.

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Some pics from the show:

A couple of shots of the lineup:

Six foci made the show.

And the new 5.0l Ford motorcycle:

Don't ask!

And my own of course.

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