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hey all. i just swapped my gauge cluster in my 05.

i had the sadened tachless cluster before, and now i have the one that comes in the ST. very nice piece i might say. but as described in the "HOW-TO" that zxtunerdotcom explained. the ABS and TCS and E-brake Light are permanately lit.

it kinda sucks. he stopped the showing of the light by putting tape over the light, and from the pics you cannot tell.

but i was wondering if there was an ACTUAL fix rather than a cover up? a few guys at work told me to take out the bulb, but i know there are LED's and then they suggested to cut the 2 led leads and just remove the LED.

but on that same notion i seem to remember hearing that if i cut out the LED that it would cause irregular voltage in the gauge cluster and eventually cause issues?

so does anyone know how to solve this issue?

incase anyone asks, i got the cluster from and its all legal and such, i had to take a picture of my registration, the sticker on the door and the odometer, and then of course i couldnt drive my car for a week while the whole thing took place. costs $255 plus then a 300$ core that you get back when you send your original back, which i need to do on monday.

anyways, if anyone can help remedy this, thanks![thumb]
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