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Garage Day

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So when is the next "garage day"? :) I'm totally down for that.
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We've been asking teh garage man this for a while now.

It should be soon just look out for it.
Usually we want to have 'easy' jobs done at one of these. If it's an all day thing (like IE: changing axles or something big) that's all that is going to be done and that person needs to be there EARLY so it can get started. All that stuff you listed should be simple as long as you have all the parts[:)]

PIAA FTW. I have a set for my low beams in my Si. Got them off of ebay though for a bit cheaper than what PIAA is charging on their site.

Anyway, I hope the date is for NOV cause OCT is pretty full right now. Next weekend is my little nephew's birthday and we are having a party for him so that is a no for me. Plus the past last garage days of the year have always been held the first weekend of NOV[:)]
If they were all running around in thongs I'd for sure what it[:D]
Great now you guys are gonna scare him off.


Anyway, got a date set yet?
Well there is a thread up about it. We can start posting in there now[:)]
1 - 7 of 93 Posts
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