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Lowered prices....So I bought a f150 and unfortunately the focus has to go... and I'm finding alot of extras that I have for the focus that I want out of my garage.. Some stuff I didn't even realize I had... lol so here's the list... MAKE OFFERS WANT THIS STUFF GONE!!!

3 bolt svt cat or orp flange gasket brand new... I couldn't find this anywhere local without special ordering it... 25 bux now 20 bux shipped shippedk

Sp463 motorcraft copper spark plugs... These are the ones Tom told me to buy for when I put my svt exhaust setup on which never ended up on the car.. couldn't find these local even at ford dealership so had to order them online... have 2 sets of 4... 20 bux shipped each set of 4... now 15 bux shipped each

Wix fuel filter.. bought it when I bought the car... then realized it had a brand new one on it.. never installed... 20 bux shipped

Stock 2002 Intake manifold... replaced with a 2000 im.. great for someone that needs one or someone who just wants to port it for a bigger throttle body...20 bux plus shipping

Svt stock sub and amp.. worked great when I removed from car.. just been sitting in garage since.. 45 bux shipped...

Svt subwoofer box (dynomat'd) with Kenwood 8 in excelon sub and Kenwood amp, removed from car before I put it up for sale... sounded great and saves cargo space... also have mounting brackets and carpet cover... 250 shipped

Black Billet upper and lower grills... got for my focus and never installed... 45 bux shipped...

Egr valve... came off my car when I replaced the intake manifold... used... 5 bux plus shipping

Stock zx3 air snorkel/ scoop... replaced with a svt snorkel, was thinking about buying anouther one to fuse with this one to make a huge scoop.. never got around to it.. 20 bux shipped now 15 bux shipped

Stock headlights, with bulbs few scratches nothing horrible, 15 bux for the pair plus shipping

Fog Light housings with bulbs, could use a good polish... 15 bux shipped

Stock zx3 air box.. 20 bux plus shipping

Sure there is more I'm missing and will add to this post as I find more stuff... This is just the stuff I found threw out the last week... more pics on request... no holds... thanks for looking...

Seller me
Location poulsbo wa
PayPal payments
[email protected]
Possibly flexible on some of the stuff but I've priced it all pretty reasonably so don't try to beat me up on it...

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I'm interested in the factory sub/amp, if its still available, and I can get a couple pictures.
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