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As I understand the swap is "nut and bolt simple"... Will be going in my 2005 5spd wagon.

2012 fusion 2.5 is planned, but note I can find easily newer 2014/2015 units cheaper and with lower miles, so may go that way (using 2010-2012 sump)

Will be using the 2.3 focus timing cover / pulley with 2.3 mount

I will not be swapping the cams, and will be using the 2005 manicat, and stock TB on fusion intake with an adapter plate. Will be using a junkyard cam sprocket and plug to replace the cam actuator.

This is a daily driver, so torque / drivability, and economy at 60-75mph are key for me.

Two things I'm not sure of:
1) Can the stock fusion intake work, or do I need to swap some actuation solenoids for the stock 2.0? I recall that lots of folks have I/M codes after the install, but someone posted of the need to swap the actuators / sensors in the intake, but can't find this reference anymore.

2) How far off is the mapping of the stock 2.0 management with the stock 2.5 engine?

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