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Hi all,

I have a turbo 01 ZX3. It has the old style fuel tank but it wasnt covered under recall so I bought an 03 tank and pump from a yard. It installed just fine but now the fuel gauge is all messed up. It wont read at all when you fill up the tank and it VERY slowly climbs to the top. The gas light comes on first alont with a check engine light.

I have never read codes with my raptor but I tried "Get DTC Codes" and it said no codes found when I was connected to it. Resetting the codes turned the CEL off until the next fillup.

Also looking at my fuel pump duty cyle it never goes higher than .48 . My old pump would go all the way to 1.0 and just quiver there while this one will completely level off at .48 . Literally a horizontal line on the graph above about 5k rpms like its electronically limited.

What do you guys think is going on with my crazy car?????
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