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Fuel Pump?

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I have 2002 ZX5. Yesterday it was driven to work, and it ran perfectly fine. When I went to go home, it cranks over fine, but it never even tries to fire. My thought was that it's either electrical or fuel related. I checked the belts, both fine. I checked for spark, there is. I checked the fuses, all fine.

So I suspect that it's the fuel pump. When I turn on the key, I don't hear the pump at all. So I disconnected the fuel line where it connects to the injectors and tried to crank it over, no fuel came out of it.

That tells me that I'm on the right track that it's the fuel pump. Am I?
If it is, I'm not sure if I can change it if I have to drop the fuel tank, as I don't have the ability to lift the car up that high. I saw some videos on youtube about going through the interior by cutting a hole under the seats. Would that be a better way to go about it? Or would it be better to have an actual mechanic work on it instead of an amateur? But how much would that cost? Any ideas or comments would definitely help.
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You can't get anything BUT the updated pump, any pump by itself only fits that updated housing as well and will not work in the earlier one.

Short or jumper across the inertia switch as said to check it, but probably still the pump. When they die like that they often can bump back to working for just a second or two then spit out their guts again. It would be odd for the inertia switch to do that but not impossible. Switch is a dealer part only and could easily be NLA. Junkyard ones should be reasonably reliable as they tuck in under dash where semi protected from rain.
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