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As you indicated, there are pros and cons to having a fuel cell.

Given your previous post, I gather that you are thinking about competing the car. So, a fuel cell is a good idea.


- Less likely to suffer from fuel starvation while cornering

- More accurate fuel readings to determine mileage.

- Fuel remains more stable for a longer period of time and is less prone to evaporation

- Safer

- Fuel is centrally located and sloshing doesn't occur as much to affect weight transfer as fuel shifts inside a conventional tank (It can't do that with a cell)


- Expensive

- Usually requires a high volume fuel pump to work effectively. The stock pump will NOT work

- Expensive

- Less fuel capacity

- To install, you need to make modifications to the rear trunk - It will not fit at the stock mounting points

- Fuel vapor can enter the car because of the installation needed

- Expensive

- You cannot pull up to the pump and use a conventional nozzle to fuel. Fuel cells are "sealed" systems that require a special filler nozzle to allow for fueling.

Bottom line is that a fuel cell is neither a good or bad idea. It depends on your application. If you intend to race the car, then definitely a good investment. If not, then save your money. The expense of the cell, fuel pump, special filling equipment and the installation can easily reach $1000 or more.

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Pro/Con....sometimes the sanctioning bodies rules (SCCA, NASA, etc) require them. a violent crash the fuel tends to be localize (largely confined to the bladder) and doesn't splash all over the place. can locate the cell for better weight distribution and balancing.
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