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FS: 2004 Focus SVT MN (Not Running)

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Hello, Selling my 2004 Ford Focus SVT Sonic Blue 3dr 164,000 Miles.

She's in rough shape, and currently doesn't run, due to Intake valves bent open.

Body: 2/10
the body is rusting (quite badly) and it's most noticeable on the Passenger door, which won't close properly due to the latching mechanism stuck open. It has a rather large dent in the passenger rear quarterpanel from hitting my cousin's Rav4 in their driveway. Hood is rusty, and doesn't like to open. But it's still got most of the paint and clearcoat, and has HID Xenon Headlamps.

Interior: 6/10
Not perfect, but it all works, except for the Driver's seat heater (not like you'd want it to work anyway) Traction Control works perfectly, as do all switches in the center console. Radio knob is a bit wonky, I just use the column-mounted buttons. Cruise Control works.

Tires: 8/10
Brand New Barum Bravuris 225/45-17 at all 4 corners, on stock (albeit dirty) 5 Spoke SVT Wheels. Also comes with a set of worn Winter Tires (215/45-17) on aftermarket 6 spokes. All 8 wheels have some curb rash, but hold air perfectly fine.
Brakes are rusty from months of sitting, but worked fine, but would be worth replacing; I don't think they ever cleaned up well while I drove it.
ABS works perfectly.

Suspension: 7/10
Aside from the rusting undercarriage, the suspension is rather clean and still mostly stock, with only some Megan springs at all 4 corners as modified.
2000-2004 Ford Focus Lowering Springs : Megan Racing
Camber is noticeable, but most of the other alignments are close to stock.

Engine: 2/10
Intake Valves are (believed to be) bent open, and the stock SVT engine has no compression at all. It ran fine before breaking down. Cause is believed to be that Timing was off. No damage to pistons. Has a few mods, such as Tom's Tune (which it still has, although I can return it to stock if you want the Tuner) and Copper spark plugs w/8mm Spark Plug Wires.
Intake is SRI, unknown manufacturer (K&N?)
Exhaust was cut, left with only Resonator, have Muffler for it but haven't put it on (so it's quite loud)

Transmission: 8/10
Haven't had any issues with it, nice and crisp and great clutch.

Bought the car in August of 2017, and did basic maintenance on it, to include buying new tires. Fixed Fog Lights around April. May 5 of 2018 it Died. Had a mechanic check it out, and he said the intake valves were stuck open. Towed it home, and it sits there as I try to sell it.

VIN is 3FAH39524R102913
Build Number 199 out of 1978
1 of 392 Sonic Blue 3DR SVTF 2004
Build URL

It is currently in Ham Lake, Minnesota, just north of the Twin Cities.
Selling whole car & Engine for $700.
Contact 763-273-0537 Text or Call, I don't much care.

I will still work on it, but I won't sell it once it runs.

Thanks for looking!

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Photos of rims, Interior, Dents, Engine (I have all the parts) and new items.

Stock 5-Spokes, unpainted. Bit Dirty, but I can clean them up if you want. 225/45-17 Tires are practically brand new.

Backseat (My frisbees, but I haven't cleaned it out. All headrests are there, and backseats fold up without any issues. Front seats fold forward to allow passengers in.)

Front Seat (All Dials/Gauges work, Radio works, knob is... weird. Passenger Heated seats work, AC works...

Hatch (New-ish rear wiper blade/arm, off a junkyard ZX3. Bit Rusty. Scrapes for some reason. Opens fine with button or key.)

Dent (rather large, hit white Rav4, haven't fixed it yet. It's in a bad spot.)

Bumper (Bit of scrapes, passenger side is falling off, but the foglights work, and are quite bright. HID Xenon Headlamps.)

Engine (again, I have all the pieces, all bolts and covers and Solenoid. VCT solenoid doesn't work and throws code)

Hatch Interior/Aftermarket (Wideband A/F Gauge &Wires to connect to Tuner, Boxes for Spark Plugs, Wires, Coil, Thermostat, SCT X4 Tuner w/Tom's Tune

Coils/Wires (MSD, 8mm. Brand new, barely used.)

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