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I have the following issue for a long time. The front of my focus wagon
1.6 Ghia from 2000 model likes to wander when I have crosswind or when
I pass a truck on the highway and feel a quick pull to the left and every time I go over a dip in the road it pull the steering wheel. I bought it with one year and it had this problem already. This week I changed my tires from 185/65/R14 to 205/50R16 and the handling was really improved on corners and high speed [:)] It was also aligned and I have 0.02 on the front and 0.13 on the rear, but it still has this wander problem. [mad]
Anyone know the reason of this wander?
The Ford dealer told me that the issue was because of the tires and I have replaced them twice with no success. I droved another wagon and didn’t felt this. Under a hard brake I have to make a lot of correction the steering wheel. [mad]

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